Hotel Silver, along with the Railroad, Steamship, and even Restaurant Silver, has become a very popular area of collecting and interest. Historical hotel silver artifacts represent some of the finest artifacts of a particular hotel.

Having a piece of the "hotel's finest silver" is not only a wonderful artifact from that hotel, but depending on its condition, it also may be well suited for actual functional usage. Due to it's almost virtual indestructibility, but also stunning appearance, actual usage of "quality" hotel silver has become very popular, not only for entertaining, but also for everyday usage for many people.
Hotel silver was made to last the ages. And it's virtual indestructibility its durable copper composition with a heavy plate of silver soldered - nickel silver made the piece not only durable to last several years, but also exquisite in its appearance.
Today, many of America's hotels of the past are still standing, which some have been completely restored and many are still in operation. What better way to have a window to the past than to actually be able to have a completely authentic piece of the hotel's silver in your collection? One might also imagine the countless persons that enjoyed the dining ambience and experience in the years past from the exact same piece that you now own in your collection.


Hotels of Today

Even though many of these once grand hotels both large and small are now forever gone, several still live on in the United States and continue to operate today completely restored to their original grandeur. Some of these magnificent hotels include the "The Plaza", Hotel Pennsylvania, The Commodore in New York City. The many Biltmore Hotels, the Stevens and Palmer House Hotels in Chicago, the Grand Hotel at Mackinaw Island, the Henry Flagler - Florida East Coast Hotels, and countless other hotels that canvassed not only the largest cities but even the smallest towns and cities.


Even the smallest hotels could have marked silver plate, which included their name or logo on the side or top, or an item may have just been marked with the hotel's name on the bottom. This is also one of the characteristics that make hotel silver so dynamic. Constantly, new hotel names on silver serving pieces and flatware are being discovered. Given the vast numbers of hotels that once operated in the United States and Canada, there will continue to be new discoveries of pieces for the years to come. Many of the silver plate manufacturer's records of what hotels, restaurants, lunch counters, etc., ordered marked silver plate are forever lost. Therefore, the responsibility of discovery now rests with the collectors and researchers of hotel silver to rediscover these the lost hotel history. In the late 19th to middle part of the 20th Century, hotel silver was expensive, but considered a necessity for doing such hostelry business. Today, it would be almost impossible and cost prohibitive for a hotel to have the intricate and highly craftsman type silver plate that once graced the tables of most American hotels that was commonplace for every table setting.


The who's who list of Hotel Silver manufacturers is quite extensive, which includes the largest of the manufactures down to the even the smallest silver smith shops. Gotham, R. Wallace, Meridian - Britannia, Gorham, International Silver, Reed & Barton, Rogers Bros., and many others. Most hotel silver was marked with the hotel's logo, name, or markings by the manufacture. However, some hotels did elect to have unmarked silver plate that did not have their name or crest upon a piece, and even some would have their local jeweler or engraver individually mark their pieces. If this process was elected, most of the time it was the smaller hotels that only utilized a small inventory of hotel silver in their commissary that followed this practice.

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