Hotel Silver Gallery D

Included in the "D" gallery are several different hotels. Some of these include The Deshler Hotel in Columbus, Ohio; the Davenport Hotel is Spokane, Washington; the Hotel Dennis in Atlantic City, New Jersey; the Deming Hotel in Terre Haute, Indiana; the Hotel DuPont in Willimgton, Delaware; The Downey Hotel in Lansing, Michigan, the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California; the Southern Pacific Railroad owned hotel Del Monte in Monterey, California; the Hotel Darby in Los Angeles, California; the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, California; the Detroit Leland Hotel in Detroit, Michigan; the Dearborn Inn Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan, and many others.

Deshler Hotel, Columbus, Silver Syrup Pitcher
A 1916 silver syrup pitcher from the Deshler Hotel that was located in Columbus, Ohio.

Del Monte Hotel, Monterey, Califoria Silver Teapot><br>

An amazing 1911 silver teapot from the Southern Pacific Railroad owned hotel; The Del Monte in
Monterey, California
Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, Silver Teapot
This is a 1963 very ornate silver coffee pot from the famous Drake Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

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Davenport Pitcher
Hotel Silver