Hotel Gallery E

The "E" Gallery includes hotels, such as, the The El Vernona in Sarasota, Florida; the Hotel Eastman in Hot Springs, Arkansas; the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, Illinois; the Edegwater Gulf Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi; the El Conquistador Hotel in Tucson, Arizona; the Exeter Inn in Exeter, New Hampshire; the Evergreen Hotel in Vancouver, Washington, and several others.

Hotel Edison, New York City, Silver Teapot
A stunning 16 oz. silver teapot made in 1939 for the Hotel Edison in New York City

Edgeater Gulf Hotel, Biloxi, Mississippi Silver Tea Pot
1951 silver teapot from the Edgwater Gulf Hotel in BIloxi, Mississippi

Edgeater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, Silver Caster
Silver sugar bowl / salt and pepper caster set circa. 1920's from the Edgwater Beach Hotel in Chicago, Illinois

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Hotel Silver